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 C$    (DEM53 - Discrete Smoothing Spline)
 C$    Demonstration test  for  Duris' ACM  Algorithm  547.   This
 C$    driver uses  subroutine  FITDSM  to  compute  the  discrete
 C$    natural  cubic  spline  which  smooths  through  the   data
 C$    (TNODE(I),G(I)),I = 1,2,...,N as specified by the smoothing
 C$    parameter RHO and the weights WGS(I), I = 1,2,...,N.  Plots
 C$    of the input data and the interpolated function values  are
 C$    produced for five values of the smoothing parameter, RHO.
 C$    (10-APR-82)