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 C$    (DEM54 - Irregular Grid Surface Fit)
 C$    Program to test and plot  the results of subroutine  FITVSF
 C$    and FITTSV, which  produce an  interpolation of  a grid  of
 C$    points defined  on  a  surface,  and  possibly  distributed
 C$    irregularly over that  surface.  The fit  is compared  with
 C$    that produced by  FITTTR/FITTGR/FITTSV, which implement  F.
 C$    Little's triangulation surface fit.  The test data  defined
 C$    in the arrays X(*), Y(*),  and Z(*,*) below are taken  from
 C$    the algorithm published  by H.  Akima in  Comm. A.C.M.  17,
 C$    18-20 (1974).  The printed output from this program  should
 C$    agree with the test output published in that paper.
 C$    (20-JUL-89)